Nov 272014

So today was my very first venture into the art of being a professional(?) camera manwhore.I've decided against my better judgment (but who really listens to that?) that it will not be my last venture.I'm sure that there's more than a few reasons why I should at least feel some kind of moral hang-up about it, but in all honesty, if I have the mental components conducive to feeling guilt for those reasons then I think they're definitely broken (or advanced).You know something I think is amazingly ironic, if I'm using that word correctly? How much American society seems to both love and absolutely hate the human body at the same time with every fiber of its being.No seriously, I mean just look at how we treat it. We rank a naked ass right next to blasphemy and arson when it comes to public access television and religion, then we turn around and have those same naked asses advertising what goes into our mouths.We preach that physical appearances don't mean anything and to follow their passions, but then again, many of us grow up to find a passion that involves their physical appearance. We say that beauty is more than skin-deep, while at the same time waging ferocious campaigns directed at showing how certain people are just as beautiful at the skin-deep level as others.Well while everyone else is busy making up their minds, I know where my mind is at ~ how to get these credits up to 200,000 within the calendar year. Will I do it? Eh. It's more exciting to assume I won't. More dramatic. No expectations. Totally not a grab at reverse psychology. Is that how reverse psychology works? Definitely not. Fuck it, welcome to jam rock, stream of consciousness, unintentionally hilarious Kanye West lyrics and Caribbean food is amazing. Until next time! (Or last time, if you read the future post before this one for some reason)

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Izzi: Titan Bently

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Nov 262014

Hello all my good friends. Just wanted to post this bc my friend apparently cant write a post until he has a certain power score. But oh well fuck it I will write it for him. This model is for people out there looking to Party have fun with goofy guys. My good friend Titan loves to drink and have a good time. hes new to the site. So this Friday night plz go and visit him. He will crack open the first beer at 9pm eastern time. Who knows were this will lead,,cause once the first bottle is cracked,,,the mayhem begins with this crazy fuck. Have fun with him everyone. Hes a nice guy with a goofy personality and the best part is,,,hes not a beggar for credits. hes normal and genuine just like me. No Pressure in his room. Just have a good time.

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Nov 262014

If I could go on a $20,000 shopping spree I would go to Theory because they have my favorite cuts to help define and show off my physique! It takes alot of hard work and determination to stay in shape so I don't want to wear something that doesn't show this off!! Right?? I would pick up a few pants nothing but nicely fitted not too tight, but perfectly fitted! Sandro would be my next stop! For those of you that don't know Sandro they are out of France and he knows how to design clothes specifically for me!! Jeans, shirts, jackets, sweaters all fit like a glove and look even hotter! The style is really on point a very sexy masculine look. I would love to spend $10,000 at Sandro alone lol!!! That would be alot of fun :) Well at this point I'm not quite sure how much of that $20,000 is left over lol!! But I would head to Neiman Marcus or Saks and find some really sexy boots and accessories. I love hats, watches, and glasses! Now, after that shopping spree if any at all I would take my friends out to a night out on the town bottles Ace of Spades all night long!! That would be a day to remember how fun! I'd have to throw in a quick detour to the spa with a good 2 hr. massage! LOL that sounds like a great day! Hope everyone has a beautiful holiday and great Thanksgiving! Always be thankful because there always is something to be for right? Until next time ;)-Marc W

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Nov 252014

I'm getting very lonely of late, I don't know if it's the time or because it's near Christmas. All the cold air means I'm cooped up indoors, with no one to play with. Sitting inside usually means peace, but it gets to the point you need that social time. As everyone is going mental buying presents, it gets that little bit more lonesome, even when out. Of course I have family, but they don't really give the thing I want or need. I suppose its being able to be open, especially about sex. Family makes that awkward. I went shopping earlier in town. There were a lot of people even with Black Friday looming. To my surprise not even the cashiers were saying hello or the usual "what are you doing for Christmas?" Really I suppose it doesn't help living in a backward town where they like having babies instead of being open to fun. Anyway I was in town and despite the thousands for a Tuesday night, not a single soul said hello, even the ones I know personally. This run up to Christmas is insane, I'm not sure about you, but Christmas means a lot of boredom on my part. Hopefully one of you can help rid me of this boredom.

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Nov 252014

Most of you know who I am, some of you don't, but I'm sure will soon. Stay tuned to this network to catch me online and make sure to check out my vod's, which will be updated regularly. Can't wait to see you on cam

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