Jan 262015

Wow guys ,what a great night ,i am so happy and pleased ,thank you for being here with me,u know i love to share my big cum shots with you,it gives me so much pleasure.I would love to cuddle with you in bed and serve you breakfast in the morning.Enjoy coffee in the morning with you,would be so lovely.I will go for now and i will be back early in the morning after 7 AM EST.Enjoy reading this and see you in the morning.As i was saying one day while inspecting the dorm I was temporarily housed in, he asked me if I would like to work in the kitchen. Since I wasn't charged with a felony, he could put in a good word, and I would be a trustee. I figured it would be a good way to pass the time, and readily agreed. While walking me down the corridor to the Captains office, he stopped at a storage closet, unlocked the door, and pulled me into the small room. He said I had to do him a small favor first. With that, he undid his pants, and pulled out his soft, velvety back cock and told me to suck it. I had no problem with that, and immediately, got on my knees in front of him, and took his hot piece of meat in my hand. I stroked it gently, before I began sucking it, and as it slowly hardened, I realized it was quite a cock. I took it into my mouth, and began sucking it, feeling it grow in my mouth. Officer Romelle was a big man, tall and muscular, and he had a cock to match. At full mast, it had to be 10" long, and was so thick it was all I could do to get my hungry lips around it! He began oozing pre-cum, and it tasted devine.

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Jan 252015

I will start to speak about what i dream last night.Last night i dream as i meet a perfect man for me. With another words i dream , the man of my dreams.I meet him on the street i touch him without intention and him look into my eyes like ... I dont know how explain it , but what a beautiful dream.From there i start a conversation with him ( i dont remember what i speak with him) but him was very sweet when him talked.From there i go with him to drink something him had bussines to do , but leave his bussines for me. So sweet from him.So , the question. You are that guy ? I waiting u to my room to provve me as u are my loverboy from my dreams. Kisses , see u tomorrow.

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Nate Stud: Pop Star Dream

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Jan 242015

My song would be mysterious and sweeping, ethereal and haunting. Listening once would never be enough because you would be drawn into the story; I would weave you in with my words.I would have an entire set up crew...clean up crew, image crew, manager...Maybe I could just get up on stage and tell my story?Cause really, that is what I do.I tell stories for living. I weave schema. I put myself on the line. All of me, I go for it.I get pumped up. I rehearse daily. Perform daily. Write new material daily.

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Jan 242015

I love broadcasting and doing everything that i am told to do. I am a total bottom and like big cocks, very submissive and very masculine also. I have always recorded myself while getting fucked and bred it just turns me on so i decided to try this site that a friend recommended and also because my partner seems not to care about this hot ass anymore lol we have been an open couple partially cuz we never played alone but i am almost to the point of "cheating" bcuz he will not fuck me or let me bring other tops which puts me in a hard situation as a man so lets see how much more i last :/ its sad but at the same time we have to love ourselves first before loving someone else and thats what'm doing now....lets see what happens in the following weeks....so far the whole experience here has been enjoyable sexually and also emotionally at the same time..... :) lets remember to never let anyone step over us bcuz we are all beautiful and deserve love and anything we dream of never let anyone tell u the opposite.... I am glad i started camming this is so much fun for me because i am extremely sexual...any comments on this guys?

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Jan 242015

Hey guys, I have been working out like a gym rat.This includes being healthy!Arm curls 70 pound barbell and up to 80 lbs.I want to look great for my men!My progress is going great. Let me know what you think?

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