Nov 222014

Today at 9 pm, yours truly will be participating in a private party dancing for the largest crowd my bar will probably ever see. The birthday boy will get to walk me on my leash and collar while whipping me for being a bad puppy. Maybe if I behave I can get my belly scratched or a pat on the head...or he'll take me home and let me shove 7 inches of the greatest pleasure he's ever gonna have. I'm sure he'll want some of this puppy biting, slapping ass, and drilling him until he blows his load so hard all over my chest. But one can fantasize, I'm there to be live entertainment for his friends and family. And I get to act like the star of the show for just one day.

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Nov 222014

Hello cyber world. Im Jimmy Rustler or JR for short. Very new to the webmodel scene. I have a good reason for being here, other than making money. I want to show the world the diversity the human form can take. Im a female-to-male transexual (FtM). That means I was assigned female at birth but transitioned to male. My journey has been a long process and its still not over. Im trying to save up for chest reconstructive surgery. Its going good so far. Each proceed is going twords that cause. THe other night was my first time streaming, it was pretty fun but Im still learning how this all works. I hope to gain a better perspective as well as friendships :)

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Nov 222014

If I could be a super hero, or have a super power. I would have to be Super Man. The idea of being the indestructible man is a big turn on for me. The ability of flight and super strength would be wonderful, but I think the best part would be the super sex. The stamina to suck and fuck for hours at end. We could do positions you have never heard of. Float in mid air while fucking, have sex under water, and the Super Man iron lung would make me able to give oral forever. Could you image the amount of jizz I could spray all over your body? Jerking that super dick until I shoot a huge load of cum, covering your body from head to toe. Then, while still cumming, shove my huge cock back inside of you and start fucking your tight holes while I ejaculate copious amounts hot cum inside of you. Pulling my monster cock out still jizzing on your body and face, then putting my dick back in your tight holes and filling you up with semen. Sucking, and fucking, and cumming with my huge Super Man cock... Mmmm...    That's why If I could be a super hero, I would be Super Man. ;)

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Jack Case: Sex Fantasy!

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Nov 222014

One of my fantasies is to have sex on the beach under the moonlight. Why the beach? well i love being on the beach and at night under the moonlight to me is romantic af. Feeling your man inside you and the waves caressing your body laying in the sand.

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Nov 222014

Hi all. Mikey here. It is Friday night. And I am writing this in anticipation that Aiden and I will be logging in for a show on Sunday evening. It has been too long since Mike has had a good fuck on camera with you all. With Thanksgiving around the corner it is a great time to give thanks for the wonderful things that we can share with each other. And on camera - that we hopefully mean that we will get to explore the ways that you love to be entertained - and for us to find ways to do just that for you. Maybe we can give thanks to how wonderful it is to have a man's hands touching your body. You can guide me or Aiden on how we should touch each other. In what ways you would like to see our bodies - and give thanks to the way we can make each other feel good - I thought about maybe one of us dressing up like a turkey - and the other one can 'stuff the turkey' with thick and juicy goodness. Hmm - what will you be stuffing your turkey with this upcoming week? Maybe some nice warm gravy? Thick, warm, gooey, goodness. Don't you love the gravy - I know I do. I love having a nice load of gravy dripping in my mouth. And pushing it in, shoving it in, filling it all the way up, in and out - oh so good - oh... wait... silly me - I guess my mind stopped thinking about Thanksgiving, and started thinking about the things I would like to do to Aiden - tune in Sunday to help guide me on the best ways I can stuff... Aiden...

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